The Universal Zulu Nation.

public - created 09/08/04
Message To The People Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, White People, All Human Beings, And Aliens Too, Universal Life Forms Of All Forms.

We, the Universal Zulu Nation are an organization and a universal nation, for all people on this planet so called Earth, as well for alien life forms of people in the universe, whether your from Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Earth, etc. We the Zulu's are not foolish people to believe that we are the only life in the universe and that the creator, (Allah, Jehovah, Jah, Yahweh, God or which ever name you wish to call the Almighty One) is only limited to producing LIFE only on the planet so called Earth. And if you do believe we are the only ones in the universe, then we should just get rid of science and base everything on falsehood and not even search for truth.

We as Zulu's of all races, colors, and creeds should study research on everything that's anything, and should always be thinking people and not ZOMBIES.
We as Zulu's who are from many different races, colors, and creeds should not be afraid to hear different views coming from humans or aliens from other planets. If one is a racist he or she still should be heard, If one preaches or teaches love, truth, science, or whatever, even falsehood, he or she should be heard.
It is our duty as Zulu's and human beings to search for truth and nothing but truth. There are many who will hate The Universal Zulu Nation just because our organization is truly a multi-cultural organization and a nation for all people who wish to join, even aliens if they are for peace, unity, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding in the universe. There are evil ones and groups who are secretly trying to bring chaos (problems of Hell) all over Earth and in the universe. But we must always keep up strong FAITH with ourselves and the Creator of the Universe. We do not need any middlemen or women to intervene between us and the Lord of all worlds.

We as Zulu's of the Universal Zulu Nation must always show respect to those who give us respect and must always be disciplined, but always alert watching, observing, looking (seeing) with our third eye (the brain) and always listening and analyzing.
In this age of time, all people on the planet so called Earth should study and talk to each other and try to understand each others ways of life and not use each other for another's advantage. We must know Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, and White history, true history and not falsehood history.
Good or bad, heal the wounds and lets move on to a glorious future, not a future of death and destruction.



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